Behind the Scenes: A Predictive Marketing Career Quiz

Last Updated: 3/7/22

Welcome to our “Behind the Scenes” series where we explore what it takes to get a job done. It will include tips, tricks, secrets, shortcuts, and results! Stay tuned. 

Innovation is putting two things that don’t seemingly go together in an unexpected, yet satisfying way. Or, at least, that’s what we think. Our “What’s Your Sign?” predictive marketing career quiz is a fun mash-up of personality quizzes of yore and those career aptitude tests you took in school — with a zodiac-themed twist! From inception through to execution, this online experience took custom art, quiz coding, and tons of elbow grease to build.

TAKE THE QUIZ: Did you miss it? You can find it here!

A circle of marketing "zodiac" signsHow the marketing career quiz came about

Maureen Jann, one of our founders, was having her weekly 1-to-1 meeting with contractor Dayana Cadet. The first half of the meeting tends to be all about ensuring that we’re meeting client goals. But because they share a similar sense of humor and professional background, they tend to end up brainstorming the second half of their meetings. Thanks to this open collaboration and flexible meeting structure, they’re able to come up with creative ideas (for example, are you ready for a marketer’s burnout index?)

During this particular 1-to-1 meeting, they saw an article with a list of different types of marketers. They started talking about how a lot of them seem similar. Plus, does anyone know what “demand gen” even is? It’s a big bucket of marketing activities that seems to flex based on the person talking about it (or the company they work for). After venting frustrations, they proceeded to come up with the idea to create a quiz to help marketers identify what makes them unique. Thus, the Zodiac-themed marketing quiz was born, complete with ongoing horoscopes!

What were the goals of the campaign?

This brief included the audience, the level of the funnel they were targeting, and the overarching goals. For this particular campaign, we targeted: 

three tables labeled audience, funnel position, goals

Each month, we’ll review and share the results of the campaign. So, come back next month and check up on our progress!  


February 2022 zodiac project results

Launch Date: 11/8/2021

# of Quiz Takers:
3/7/2022: 545
# of Conversions (convert from a visitor to an email subscriber):
3/7/2022: 123
Conversion Rate:
3/7/2022: 22.56%
Email Opens: 56.8%
Email CTR: 7.85%
List Attrition: 8.94%
Conversations Influenced:
# of Retainer Clients Acquired: 1 ????

Building the Quiz

We knew our market too well to think that some standard Buzzfeed-style quiz would do. This needed to feel like magic. We needed to ask questions that felt interesting, insightful, and unique enough to ensure that the answer was a surprise and a delight. So, with that in mind, Maureen and Dayana wrote a rubric, Maureen wrote the questions, and the quiz was then handed off to the operations team who added it to a customized version of Gravity Forms that integrated into our WordPress instance. 

Of course, nothing is so simple, is it? Since we were scoring our marketers using nine main attributes, we initially (and inadvertently) made it so that there were hundreds of thousands of answers if we scored it as is. Ahem… Well, that wouldn’t do. 

A 9x12 Rubric

What now? Well, working closely with our developer, we narrowed the answers down to two main categories to help identify our marketers. This reduced the number of permutations down to 36 options. Worried that this was too simple, we beta tested it and ended up with 20 testers and only one that didn’t feel like the answer suited either who they were currently, or the types of marketers they were interested in learning more about.

72% of the 36 people who reviewed the accuracy of the test said it was “smiley face” (4 out of 5) or better.  

Some quotes from some of our quiz takers: 

“I can’t believe how accurate it is.”

“I love that it totally sniffed out my inner nerd.”

“I got brand marketer, a title I’ve always wanted to explore.”

“This is spot on! Boom.”

The Content

Of course, we created more than just quiz questions. Each profile went through the following path:

Landing Page > Quiz > Results Summary

From the result summary page, users were met with three options:

  • Tweet their results
  • Enter an email address to get the full profile 
  • Share with a fellow marketer

social media zodiac


Each full profile includes a ~1000 word description that details what that type of marketer does, who they work with, what their KPIs are, and what tools they work with. With 12 different profiles, that means we’ve written 12,000 words to help build a meaningful profile. 

Each profile has a unique illustration commissioned by the amazing Callie Little, a local artist to the Pacific Northwest. Her unique pen and ink drawing style combined with collage art set the aesthetic for the entire campaign. 

banner that highlights the custom art

We matched it up with a “reverse night sky” motif. Where most zodiac themes are designed to be in a night sky so you can see the stars, marketers do the bulk of their work during the day, so our stars do too in this campaign.

Email deliveryThe Post-Quiz Automation

As each person submitted their email address for their particular profile, we had unique forms that segmented them in our MailChimp instance. So, we delivered one of the 12 full profiles based on their results. 

We use the buyer journey function in MailChimp to deliver segmented information to our registrants. We start with a short four-email follow-up series. Then, at the beginning of each month, we offer a “horoscope” tailored to their profile. In this, we offer them an overview of what to expect that month, news they can use, tips and tricks, and a CTA to call us if they need any help. 

What’s Next?

Maureen and Dayana both mentioned how much they learned about the different types of marketers in the 12 profiles. And an overwhelming theme across the board is that marketers are bone-tired from trying to do too much — that’s going to inspire our next big project. 

Get the help you need

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