How Burned Out are You? 

A Quiz for Marketers Who are Feeling the Heat

burned toast with googly eyes

Research shows that... well, it's bad out there, y'all. According to the American Psychological Association "in 2020, American workers across the board saw heightened rates of burnout in 2021." Add a little more social unrest, continued uncertain parenting environments, and an economy that's just a little moodier than your average gothy tween, and we're, to put it bluntly, tired.

As you know, marketers are most certainly not immune. Our predominantly right-brained way of thinking and empathetic tendencies make it all too easy for boundaries to get blurred, and passion to overtake self-care.

That's why, when building this quiz, we didn't even bother asking whether or not you're experiencing burnout but to what scale. By taking this 15-question quiz, you'll get:

  • An understanding of where you fall on the "toast-o-meter";
  • How that may manifest in your work and home life;
  • Tips you can use to cool off, and;
  • VIP access to The Burnout Index, a comprehensive handbook illustrating how burned out the industry is and what you can do to manage those above and below you to help put out the fire.