How Burned out are you?

a quiz for marketers who are feeling the heat

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Quiz: How Burned Out Are You?

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I would describe the pressure to perform my job as:*
I would describe my level of overwhelm as:*
As a new week approaches, I most commonly feel:*
When a project starts to veer off track I feel:*
When a friend asks how work is going, I:*
When it comes to managing my workload, I'm:*
When I reflect on my current company or business, I feel:*
When it comes to work-related accomplishments:*
If I had to describe work's impact on my time with friends and family, I'd say:*
If I had to describe the level of support I receive from those around me (i.e. family, boss, coworkers, etc.), I'd say:
When it comes to work's impact on my ability to rest, I'd say:*
When a work email comes in during off-hours I respond:*
My philosophy on unplugging during vacation is:*
When I think about the meaning behind my work, I feel:*
When it comes to retiring one day:*

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