Is it hot in here? It's not just you.

If the “Great Recession” has taught us anything, it’s that marketers are just as susceptible to occupational burnout as any other professional. Whether it's having to juggle conflicting priorities, lacking the resources to do our jobs (well), and/or unsupportive leadership, the verdict is in: we're tired!

The Burnout Index is the result of two surveys we ran in 2022. First, a predictive marketing career quiz, and next, a quiz about the level of burnout marketers are experiencing. The results––while not always surprising––were juicy.

Download the e-book to get:

  • Data from 1000+ participants;
  • Interviews on burnout with industry vets, and;
  • an actionable list of ways marketers and marketing leaders can employ so we can all collectively c h i l l.

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