Building Digital Content Strategies

Three-Layer Cake-Style


Three layer cake poster

Digital content strategies can feel hard. Especially if you’re too close to it. I could make a case that this is the perfect reason to involve someone who can help you with it, but it feels too ‘salesy’, so forget I said that. What I would like to encourage you to do is think about your content in the context of something more fun and light-hearted. Something delicious and that draws you back to a time where big wheels, swings, and birthday presents were at the forefront of your mind. I’m talking about cake.

Things that are wrong with cake

First, I want to divulge my relationship with cake. I really love a good homemade cake. I really hate whipped cream icing. Whoever thought of that stuff is dumb and clearly doesn’t mind a layer of impenetrable film all over the inside of their mouth. Whipped cream icing = food of doom. However, as I age, cake seems to be a little too, dare I say it, too sweet. But the layer metaphor is too good to pass up. So, here we go.

Each layer, a framework for content

It may seem strange to think about your content as a cake, but I promise you, it’ll pan out. First, no matter how many layers there are to a cake, they should work together like a sugary symphony. Each layer of the cake should have something distinct to offer the consumer. Think of all the ways you can combine texture, depth, complexity, and ultimately satisfy their need for a sweet, tasty treat. Your content is no different.

Content strategy cake illustration

Bottom Sponge: Content that highlights your products and services

In the case of content, the foundation layer should be your products and services. This part is usually easier for marketers because this is what it FEELS like they should be doing.

Middle Sponge: Content that highlights Challenges solved by your products and services

Ok, now that you have that foundation layer, it’s time to think about that second sponge. This sponge is all about illustrating what your product and service solve for your prospect. Answer questions like: how are you making their lives easier? How are you helping them solve problems that keep them up at night?

Top Sponge: Content that highlights factors that impact the challenges your customer is facing

This layer’s whole jam (get it?!) is about offering content that industry or market impacts that challenge you’re facing. It’s a great way to illustrate trends, put statistics into context, and help people understand the “why” behind the challenges they’re facing.

Example Time: How does this piece of content fit in my funnel? How does this blog fit into a three-layer content strategy cake? This is a middle layer in the customer path for this audience. This addresses the challenge of finding ways to create a cohesive content plan that isn’t too complex while demonstrating my expertise on the topic. I am working to build trust with my audience (I hope it works!)

If you need help defining the layers of your content cake, you might be interested in learning more about the process behind digital content strategies. Pop on over the article: “Three Ways to Incorporate Click Paths in Your Marketing Strategy“.

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