NeoLuxe Says Goodbye… sort of.

End of an era? Yes. End of us? Not exactly!

To our friends and colleagues,

At NeoLuxe, we take pride in not just our work but in the relationships we’ve been able to build based on mutual respect and transparency. 

That’s why it’s with a heavy heart that we’re posting to let you know that NeoLuxe Marketing will stop operating as an agency as of February 28th.


Real talk, it’s been hard AF trying to run a business in the current economic climate. Both for us and our clients (most of whom are SMBs). And, while we’d love to keep on trucking as an agency, it’s become increasingly unsustainable for our financial and emotional well-being. 


That said, while NeoLuxe (the agency) is shutting down, we’re not going anywhere (at least, not yet!). You can still shoot us an email should you need any kind of marketing support, as most of the #NeoLuxeBunch moves on to do freelance/contract work. If none of us are available, we’ll be sure to forward your request to one of our trusted peers.

Note: For those of you who have an ongoing website hosting and support retainer, note that Maureen will continue this service for the foreseeable future, and will also be available for small marketing projects as her schedule allows.


It’s been an absolute pleasure working with each and every one of you––clients, peers, and artists alike––and we want to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude for letting us be part of your business success and trusting us to create magic alongside you. 

We hope our paths will cross again in the future.

Speak soon,

—The NeoLuxe Bunch (Maureen, Jess, Wendy, and Dayana)