13 Ways to Increase Your Blog Page Views

...and generate links, traffic, and sales!

Marketing Morsels is a series of short and sweet blog posts for Marketing Managers looking for bite-sized knowledge hits that’ll help drive business. These blog posts have been shortened and adapted from their original home, InspireFirst.


We get it, you put so much hard work into building your blog, you consider it “your baby”. But, if no one visits your blog, how will you generate those links, traffic, and sales you need to make it a success?

Get those Blog Page Views up!

If you want to attract more visitors to your blog, encourage them to stay longer than just a few seconds, and even check out other pages on your site, you’ve landed on the right post. Here’s how to build those blog page views up!


1. Review Your Content and Blog Design

Stand out from the crowd by offering a unique experience. Content on your blog should be clear, to the point, and compelling. The design also needs to be exciting rather than dull and confusing. 

2. Keep a Close Check on the Bounce Rate

One of the best ways to stay on top of your blog’s performance is by tracking your bounce rate for each page from time to time.

3. Use a Good SEO Plugin

The key to getting more page views and generating more traffic on your blog naturally is by ranking in the search engines. Competition is very tough out there but having a good SEO plugin like Yoast helps a lot. 

4. Use the Page-Link Tag

If your content strategy is primarily focused on long-form posts, you can break them into a series of two or more shorter posts. 

PRO TIP: This strategy works best with long-form content.


5. Insert Links at the Right Places

You may either do it manually or use a plugin that does it automatically for you. 

6. Learn the Linking Strategy 

To make things easier for you, you can choose to use an interlinking plug-in to quickly link to other relevant posts and pages. 

7. Make the Most of the Sidebar

Use the sidebar to highlight your most popular posts instead.

PRO TIP: WordPress Popular Posts is a great plugin that can be dragged into the sidebar to list all your popular posts. 


8. Pay Attention to the Category Menu on Your Page

Customizing the categories on your menu list is one great way of encouraging visitors.

PRO TIP: Don’t create a new category unless you have at least three posts for that category. The goal is to keep your readers engaged with relevant content.


9. Don’t Forget about the Excerpts

When you’re drafting your excerpts, make sure that you describe your posts in a way that instantly grabs the attention of the visitors.

10. Introduce a Newsletter or Post Notification Services

One of the most powerful tools to get more blog page views is an email newsletter.

11. Invite the Readers to Comment 

A great way to get more page views on your blog is by motivating your visitors to participate in your blog. 

12. Add a Search Feature

Adding a search feature on your blog page can greatly help in increasing page views. 

13. Give the Visitors a Homework Assignment 

This trick works wonders when you’re offering tips and tricks regarding a certain topic. You can even ask them to come back and comment under the respective post about how their experience was after they learned something.

There’s so much that you can do to increase your blog page views. We hope that this post equipped you with what you need for a successful blogging experience.

Looking to add some visual interest?

A blog is about more than just words (content). Check out our guide for adding visuals to your blog post (while keeping it in-house and on a budget). Need help strategizing what your blog should look and/or sound like? Give us a call!